DrawNames app - full overview & how to use?

so here's drawn names website drawn names app and I'll just try to show you how to use it so first of all not all the features are available on the app but the main things are there but I'll just show you like where the website so yeah first thing you do is you just set up the gift exchange event like so it's like a secret Santa app and then you just set up that event then you just um draw names so you just uh um you just add a member and then uh you can just just enter some name enter some email and add a new member uh so something like that um and then basically what happens is that you have your event and then you have all these people who are participate in this secret santa exchange for example which you have at your office at your work like with your friends and all of that and then uh basically you draw your name so you just select someone else from that group like in my my case this is that person and then ideally if that person added his or her like uh wish list here um then you can see that the the gifts uh uh of Interest or maybe some Hobbies or anything like that you can also ask anonymous questions of course make sure to add your own wish list for Christmas and then you can just modify your wish list here and then yeah you can find your gifts here and then that's your wish list and yeah so that's basically that and then [Music] um yeah that's basically how it works and yeah then you can just share invitations to other people uh this is how it can look like uh yeah so we are going to draw names for Christmas group members study of Celebration gift amount click on the invitation link to join and then just invite other people and then you just uh yeah it's just easy app to organize secret stuff uh secret santa uh uh like event and it's like easy to add all the people what if it's not like Street person but it's like 50 people then you can just organize them together share invitation to additional people see each other wish list and then you draw your name and you see who you are secret Santa for and then you just share the gift you can also buy the gift you can see no you can't buy you can just enter your wishlist and then basically during the event I don't know that's another part how you organize it everyone just puts a gift on the Christmas tree or whatever in your office or your family and yeah that's how it works super actually super effective and helpful app because this process can become super complicated especially with a group big group of people and now it might work it's like you needed like one person like office manager to actually dedicate her a lot of hours to manage that in a company of 100 plus people at least so yeah this can be a super helpful app to easily manage all of it instead of like doing some Excel yeah if you're really fan of this uh of this approach to giving gifts that thank you for watching

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