Dream App - Interpret dreams - quick preview

so here's interesting app which is called dream app interpret dreams so let's just install it um so yeah [Music] here is the app uh dreams are messages from your unconscious mind discard what they mean [Music] private chat with a dream expert analyze your dreams content expanding library of dream symbols to dial it dream interpretations you can explore uh yeah get personalized interpretation describe your dream and you can see some reviews like this app helps me to understand and go more and that's my dream in fantasies issues i've had taken seriously and has gratitude from being them up so here's that it has 1.5 k ratings average rating is 3.9 so it's not four or five but anyways let's just open app so i would suggest you like to consider this stuff more like entertainment don't take it like too seriously i'm not sure if there are like real experts and maybe there is but i'm not an expert in this field for sure so let's just you know what's your name let's just try to create an account together how it works so then you can just add your first date you can gender so then you just can describe your dream your dreams are completely private and then then you just need to they offer you a sign up prompt to sign up and then three days freeze and 19.99 per month so their head and then you can just sign up uh unlimited one-on-one guidance who is a dream expert tailor my dream meanings better understanding of yourself hyper personalized interpretations first three days frieza 1999 per month yeah and unfortunately there is no like a free version so you can try a free trial three days free you can cancel any time in settings apple id at least a day before each renewal day so if you want to like cancel uh before trial ends you can need to cancel two days uh after so um something like that uh so this is the the app um definitely give it a try if you're interested because yeah it's in top charts and it's if you have some anxiety or you're just curious or like you know about your dreams it can be pretty interesting to know exactly how that works so definitely give a try to this app

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