DREAM app on WEB - you can’t input images

so here is a dream by wumbo app on on the browser that the web version and uh yep here you can actually done you don't need even to create an account nothing you can just go to app onboard tap on the menu in top right and then tap to create an image but there is no input image option here on the web app so it's just one difference so if i go to dream by one bar on my ios app it's kind of looks similar but there are additional features such i can see the community and then i want to create ai art i see this input image feature which is like very very popular here on the web version i don't see that so i can only add prompt and i can select a style and that's it i can't add like some input image to help with the sourcing so that's basically the idea uh that's that's how the this works but in case you're using android 9 or on ios your app is crashing also it's crashing a lot on android and you just want to generate an image or play with the app you can just easily use the web version app at dot 1. art so just try try it out for sure

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