Dream by Wombo app - can you REMOVE WATERMARK? Is there a way to upgrade in the app?

so here is dream by wumbo app and if you save image if you generate and save image basically you will see something like this so i just entered c and i see a lot of watermarks i see [Music] uh like url of the website i see wombo logo in the bottom right uh i see some other frames and i see the just the name of the picture or something i see prompt in the bottom left so yeah like can can i actually remove these watermarks if i for example have an upgraded version and i paid to dream by wombo so i i would be open to pay like you know some people will be open to buy like 20 dollars per week to be able to generate these images and be able to remove watermark but seems it is not possible at this moment there is no upgrade option you can't generate without watermark and by the way i think if you double checking their discord here in the bottom i think that the images generated here are copyrighted so you can actually sell them or do something like it i think you need to double check with our discord and figure it out

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