Dream by Wombo app - CONTINUES to CRASH - what you can do?

so i'm just going here through the dream by wumbo app and recent reviews people uh just trust that the app continues to crash crashing feet and community feet crashing in creation so i already did a few videos about it you can check them out so basically the main issue is at this moment dream by one by app is number one in top charts of the apps uh so it's yeah um literally like millions of users are joining this app every day i think so their their infrastructure is was not prepared so it will be crashing a bit for a while until there is a new app update so what you can do you can just try to restart the app you can try to use the app outside of like top us hours like you can try to use either earlier than 1 pm eastern time or later than 7 8 p.m eastern time so these are usually the peak times as i understand and during this time there is a surge of users so yep that's what you can do um yeah it's not the issue of your wi-fi it's not the issue of your phone or something like that just the app is experiencing influx of users so um yeah as you can see there are a lot of reviews like it won't work i can make artworks in what let me create anything at all so this is just reviews from few days ago when this app started to gain popularity but hopefully it will be resuming work soon

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