DREAM BY WOMBO app - DOESN’t WORK AT ALL.. what you can try to do

hello so dream by wumbo app i'm just going through the reviews here and a lot of reviews like from just uh yesterday that the app won't plot it doesn't work whatsoever it won't let me to create images it not working yesterday when i would try to make them it would set retry but today it won't even let me into the app there is a problem and retry don't even work for me but it won't even let me pick the art the app world doesn't work not at all so the issue is that this app is right now this time number one app globally in the us app store and there is just like hundreds of thousands of users literally joining the app and that's the main issue and their infrastructure was not prepared so there is no really any way around uh to solve this box rather than you know just try later try to use this app in like 10 minutes than in one hour you can always restart the app and try again but usually the best solution would be to use the app outside of top usage hours so as i see the main users as i understand are coming from north america so and them their main activities like from 1 pm to 9 pm eastern time so that's where the majority of users are and yeah if you're using for example in the morning of us time during the night of us time during the evenings there will be just less users and probably the app will crash less so [Music] uh yeah that's what you can do you can always search out in the discord support channel but i checked it out and they just announced that we are aware of the issues that our servers are crashing uh and like we can't do really a lot maybe there will be soon a new update and release about the app but yeah let's just write that at this moment this is a situation it's quite common about about a lot of apps you know when some app goes while on tick tock there is unexpected like literally millions of users in few days and the server back and infrastructure sometimes is just not prepared because developers didn't expect that you know you can have like millions of people at the same time checking out your app and like databases everything is crashing so yeah uh that's it is what it is

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