DREAM by WOMBO app - doesn’t work, buggy - what to do?

so here is dream by wombo app and it's actually sometimes can be quite buggy and glitchy um there are a few bugs here in there otherwise it's amazing app so overall this is app you can generate ai artworks and yeah so this is example these are examples what you can do but sometimes if you try to generate something is just first error i noticed by using this app it can take forever to to generate to generate the image so that's the first issue like as you can see creating and this can take you like few minutes of course maybe it just depends on your phone model maybe it is older phone or some like slower wi-fi like right now it just works fine but sometimes you can't really generate it fast uh then sometimes in right in the end or in the beginning you will see the message like filer to generate the the image so i can just show an example so here's what you can see file to fetch art styles please try again so this is what you can see um yep and then the a bunch of other issues when the app won't start up and all of that so first of all just check your internet connection also maybe you need to have a bit like newer phone i'm using on iphone 7 it works fine but this app is quite heavy so you yeah you need um yeah to have a newer device probably and that also what works for me you just constantly need to restart the app like swipe up to restart the app and then try again so this is actually what fixes some issues for me if i just restart the app i don't need to restart wi-fi or start my phone just restart the app and try again of course it's a bit annoying to you know if you almost generated some artwork if you entered your prompts if you uploaded an image like how to start all over again but that's that's what it is so yeah this is what you can do if there are any other issues you can reach out to their discord so just join their discord channel and you will be able to hear all the channels which you can use there is discussion there is dream feedback so here you can reach out so hope this is helpful

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