Dream by Wombo app - DOESN’t WORK for me - what have I tried to do

so dream by womba episomizing but for a lot of people it's just not working so why is that uh so i will just try to show you what my experience at this moment is so as you can see that's what i have i have file to fight user authentication information please try again blown away by the law of your experience extremely high traffic right now things might be a bit slower so then i just tap retry then it just keeps loading and eventually it can also just keeps loading and loading and yeah finally so now it's loaded so now let's try to generate an image so let's do like this so sometimes it also can be stuck on this face so if you already got to this phase congrats a lot of people it's stuck on the the sign up step and then here you it can be just creating and it can fail to create an image but if you retry for a second time usually it is successful and then you can succeed with image creation so usually it's happening all these hours and bugs because of like influx of users just millions of users trying this app so either restart the app or try an hour later or try in not in a peak hour so majority of users are off your ass so if you're using this app when there is night time in your ass you will have a higher chance this app working properly or during the morning or like late evening time in us if you are so yeah just you know try to use like seven eight a.m eastern time or like 10 p.m later eastern time then there are less users and server should work uh better because also this app yes you can see there were these notifications and they acknowledged they have server issues i also couldn't log into this app completely two days ago it was completely unusable [Music] now it's better and then they also announced in their discord that the majority of issues should be fixed right now so if it's not fixed so yeah as you can see here's the status update so dream is somewhat functional again you should be able to create artworks so that's kind of should be fixed at least somehow but um yeah for some reason home fit still doesn't work and as you can see i couldn't use the app nicely from the beginning so that's just what it is like no rush you can always try this app later because this is like a spike of users this is a cool app and there were like few viral tick-tock videos and people just rushing into the app so that's what's happening but after a few days usually it can calm down and then you will have you know better experience or they will just update their server infrastructure and then you can maybe there is there will be released a new app update or i don't know exactly how that works but that's what it is if you want to know exactly how this app works and the experience you can just search some my other videos or go to my blog mr hector where i describe exactly how this app works and yeah it's actually pretty cool so that's that

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