DREAM by WOMBO app - HOW TO ADD IMAGES from image GALLERY on iPhone?

in case you are using dreamboy rombo app uh so basically you can um add your own images so just tap on the plus icon and then you can just go to the bottom and then you will see all the images you already take took a uh taken or you can just select an image then you need to give access to a camera roll and then you can just apply the image from your camera roll you can select a few specific images you can then for example i select like this photo and then i can rotate it i can crop it then i can select next i can adjust influence how much i want to have for his uh major influence default or minor influence and then i i just need to enter prompt so like c or something and then i can just also it's required to select the art style or you can just select no style and then yeah that's basically then you can just create create the image so that's basically the idea of this is that you you're adding your image for reference so if you have a clear idea what you want to be generated you just add that but as you can see in my occasion i entered a prompt which is a bit different from the image itself um because the image was about like cdc like c or like maybe i need to enter like hardboard which is more closer to the image and then you will have a closer image to to actually what you want to have and i noticed in this way it's just this app just generates better images so yep so you can take a look so that's basically how it works as you can see up now i entered the correct prompt and now it's working fine uh yeah so it's amazing right so yep cool app definitely give it a try play with it and see in the next videos

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