here is dream by wumbo app uh and in this tutorial we're going to go through how to upload your own images or how to use camera in dreamweaver mobile app so just tap on the plus icon in the bottom just as usual here you have the normal screen create artwork where you can enter prompt so prompt is basically what you want to be the image about you can see some examples here volcano futuristic city the desert or something around it but the coolest feature in my opinion is that you can use input image and the image you select will be used as a reference to the final output so let's just try to see it so here you see some suggested images and then you can just give access to your camera roll so for example here i have this image and then i can just tap next and try to use this image to generate new ai artwork based on it here i can adjust influence of the image it can be minor influence your input image has little effect on the final artwork it can default influence your input image has some effect or major influence you input image has a large effect so here it is and then still even if i added the image i need to add my prompt and then i need to select art style so depending on your taste or your needs there are all these different art styles i also sometimes like to select no style because even if you select no style it will add this little like painting touch little like impressionist style uh and yeah it depends so here's what you can see you can see ai working in the real time and now i created image from my camera roll which i just uploaded and yeah as again the settings where i used strong major influence i use now style and i used a prompt here yeah i in my opinion if you use strong influence it works the best so let's just select with minor influence with minor influence the image will be really like very generalistic so not that precise and all of that so then it just takes some time so depending like you see here depending on the different setting this process can just take a bit more time so yeah that's uh what what it is but anyhow um okay so i i guess you got the idea so another option would be that you can actually use your camera so it's also really cool so instead of like taking photo it saves in your camera and then you upload you can instantly take a photo and then just generate so for example here i just want to take a photo of my cup so anyway this is just some and then i just want to tap next and then i just want to generate again the image from this by the way if you take a selfie don't expect the result to be good this app dream by one but it's not working well with selfies and like and images like like people yeah it's uh like face details are not really recognized yet but this ai model so this this model is mostly works good with uh yeah with some abstract objects and landscapes and city views and all of that but let's just see with the cup as well so you can always tap to regenerate and there are no limits how many images you can generate how many images you can upload so yeah it looks pretty similar to time so there you have it uh we can also then just change the okay so i want normal influence and then i want uh like this interesting style and let's see how that image would change so i'm actually pretty surprised that this app is actually free so now you can see there are some different elements there are some houses as well okay because i'm i still have sorry because i i still have this as a prompt so that's why i was thinking why it's creating like some city landscape element uh by the way if you see this this error what i do i just tap to retry or try many times and then finally it works because seems there are like some server issues with the app let's try again sometimes this app is fixed on the second try sometimes you need really to tap a lot especially i think if we already generated like three iterations of images maybe the app wants to put some other people in the queue or something like that so yeah finally so finally you can see some another cup yeah and if you if you add image with one context and use add prompt with another so you can see what's happening then you will see so i entered city on the prompt and then i see cd on landscape and then i see cop here in the front so yep something around it hope it is helpful

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