here's a full guide how to use camera in dream by wumbo app this app is going viral you can generate all this amazing ai artwork also this app is free at the moment you can generate a limited number of images there are some cool art styles and you can see all the community work from other creators the one downside is a bit glitchy at the moment because there are like millions of users but anyhow i will show you that of course you can just enter a search word but you can also use the camera so just tap add image and then add camera so there you have it now you have access to your camera and now for example we want to generate a picture of the of the chair or just like some you know some office chair um so then i can just tap uh tap on it and then i can just um adjust influence like how like you know uh major influence means that your input image has a large effect the final artwork default influence means that your input image has some effect minor influence your input image has little effect on the final artwork um so yeah similar as with adding images you can just use camera and it's really handy in case you are traveling in case you're meeting friends so some nice picture you can instantly take a photo and then just generate some ai with with this this is cool app so then i can still need to enter some prompts so to help algorithm better understand what's happening and then i can to select different style and then i can step to create and this is the way to uh to generate ai artwork just from your camera okay so there are still few glitches i just tap retry a few times and hope that it helps so and there you have it so something like that and then i just took a photo with my camera and you can generate cisco artwork so it's a cool cool thing to try out so just take photos of you know some objects around you and have fun it's it's actually pretty addictive so again all of that is generated by ai algorithm in the app and this app is free to use at this moment and you have unlimited number of images so in case you need something you know for for your website or some your project presentation or any other courses this can be a nice app to to hang out with

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