DREAM by WOMBO app - HOW TO USE? Full overview

so here is trending an amazing app which is called dream by wumbo um this app was recently updated and we're gonna just go through this recent update uh it has refreshed you design now you can feature you can see some featured artworks you can create you can customize with images and create artwork with ai so basically just type some keyword and this app will generate an artwork an image based on that keyword it's really amazing and if yeah if you want to explore the power of machine learning this is the app to to try out and yeah in this video we're gonna just go together through the app try all of these features try to okay there is some issue with the app so i will just restart it and try to open it up so i restarted the app and now it seems to work so here is the app homepage you can see all these images uh you can see like in the bottom you can see some [Music] prompts so ramen pool wines ultra realistic hd columns marble and if you include uh this vertical lines it will the app will need to to use all of these prompts but let's start from something simple so here is how to create an artwork i need to enter something like waterfall for example and there are a bunch of examples you can see that there is a limit of 80 characters and then i need to choose a art style so psychedelic ghibli fantasy art scenes wife steampunk vibrant psychic hd dark fantasy mystical baroque etching salvador delhi provenance no style rose gold so also you can add an input image but let's just do that later right now i just want to create waterfall with rose gold if you want want to add several prompts you need to add this like vertical line between them so that's what i've seen other artists are doing and it just takes some time to create this artwork it's not instant i don't know if there is a way to speed up this process maybe you would have some like premium option or something where you can speed up the servers but there is no premium or plus option or there is no way to upgrade so you need to wait and sometimes it can take almost a minute or i don't know of course depending on your iphone model maybe newer iphones or android devices can generate it quicker but anyhow this is how it looks like and just overall this app is yeah it's really growing in the charts it's becoming more and more viral there are some new interesting updates it has more than 60 000 reviews or nearly 60 thousand reviews right now on the app store so it's really amazing and the average rating is super high also this team wombo previously they created another viral app which was called wumbo ai where you can actually generate gifs with your with your picture just singing gifs so like there is some like person there is some audio track and you can make moving gifs with your face and those that app was really viral as well but now as that is described here in the app store just over the conversation the team that developed that app has now idea of this app and yeah they created this one and this is also amazing so as you can see oh no so it's you need to retry again but at least you could have seen like some preliminary result okay i i won't be able to spend your more of your time but there it is now we can also try to input image so i just can give access to my camera roll i can input image default influence your input image has some effect on the final artwork so you can select weak influence normal astron so normal then i want no style or still i want to select so okay i want to select let's say motel uh then i want to america and then i want to do like countryside and then an art style i want to select hd so let's see what will happen so this time if i have some image which yeah i have an idea how that can be closer to what what's what i want to see and i just use the image so let's see how it works out again it takes some time so something is uh it's not going right here uh but i don't know why is that happening previously it was working well for me but okay in this okay i will just try to restart the app so i will just swipe up to restart the app and then again let's try just to use uh motel and let's try again so now it seems to work so maybe with some categories it's just knees more processing power and it's just yeah it takes much more time with other categories it's using less ai resources and then yeah there you have it so now you can see this motel so yeah it's pretty cool right uh so there you have it finally it's generated so i just needed to restart the app maybe you also need to do that so now i generated that what i can do i can also just save it to my camera roll but there is a watermark then i can also buy this print uh the the price starts from 45 dollars uh by so and you pay with shopify pay you can select print style size quantity add to cart i don't know what about the delivery and all of that you can generate again you can share it and then if i want i can just publish it and there you have it so now i've published it and then this is the what what i have here so this is my previous previous image i can download this original i can download as phone background or i can just delete it and then i have my profile as well so this is part of the update which was recently done so here is my profile page i can upload profile picture this is my username email i can send feedback i can reach out to their discord twitter instagram and here is profile page where i can see community so i can see some some like featured works i i can i can't follow anyone so i can just see this is the usernames this is someone created this image i can download it still i can save it but i can't follow anyone i can just reach out in discord so that's basically what it is and yeah i can see all the featured styles and all of that uh so it's kind of becoming more like a social media maybe the direction is really to to move to to instagram and imagine if you can have this ai instagram or social media where everyone can just post this kind of images um so that can be really amazing maybe it's really the future where you know in a metaphors or something you just generate these cool images but yeah there you have it at the moment this is what it is um it's not there yet in uh in the social media phase you can't follow anyone or you can't message or dm anyone but maybe these features are coming so yeah this is my overview uh this is the pictures i tried to generate and you can see all the prompts and it's actually pretty amazing actually i don't know which like how it works because recently there was like some news about this new delhi 2 algorithm based on gpd3 algorithm so basically if you have access to that you need to be on the waiting list but if you have access to that you can really generate amazing artwork online so yeah try it out and if you go here to the app store there are a lot of happy customers almost sixty thousand ratings four point nine nine out of five um there are still few glitches and bugs here and there as you have seen apps sometimes files you need like a pretty newer iphone um so for example here you can see that some of the not the best things about this app so that it doesn't generate sharp or detailed images often an earlier step looks like more interesting than the final image so it needs uh to offer the uh the option to save the earlier step and people would pay for it some of people told it already this app desperately needs dark mode support photo selection interface is broken it only lets you access your photos library one time then you'll have to restart the app to select different images from it without granting the app full access to your photo library so some of the features like here and then you can see sometimes the image just can't be generated there are glitches and bugs um so yeah that's about it uh but yeah hopefully you enjoyed this app and there is a lot of hype around you know can you use this artwork to generate nfts and sell them somewhere on openc or can you you know like just use this ai to uh yeah just help you create your artwork of course why not so you can try it out uh yeah this is a interesting app and i think it's just getting started it has so much potential so let's just explore where it's going and what is the future of this ai generated artwork thank you for watching

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