Dream by Wombo app - STUCK on CREATING… screen

so i'm using a dream by wombo app and i'm trying to generate image so i'm entering uh uh so i will just try to show you for example if i entered few prompts and then i want to create so then it sometimes it can just start be stuck on creating and it can take like minutes or even longer and you don't know what is happening like so as you can see that let's just see how much time it will take so at the moment it seems it's working but like some people it's either stuck on creating or there is an error like file to generate art so in that occasion i would suggest just to change your prompt a bit and change the art style category because some art style categories it's easier for others is harder so your ages depend some art problems are generating faster others are slower and okay so now it's working because like few days ago it was just a bit glitchy and buggy and all of that i'd earn that um this is yeah so as you can see it just depends this seems it's a bit faster um hope hope that was helpful

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