Dream by Wombo app UPDATED - what’s new? How to use?

so here is dream by wumbo app and uh there are a lot of new updates uh more updates coming but yeah here is let's just do a quick recap overview of what this app does why it's so popular so here you can see all these images which are generated by ai so these are not some painters this is not like other people doing this this is just algorithm doing all these images here on the homepage you can see community artwork from other people yeah you can see all these interesting images and then you can see uh uh that prompt which is basically what the user entered in this uh query to generate the image so then you can tap plus to create artwork and let's just try to do it together so here you can just enter some some prompt it can be very abstract like ideally in this app you should do like an abstract prompt if you enter like your face or your selfie or some like object it won't generate it like a photo style so it's not like dolly 2 or like google imogen you know these are others ai images projects which which can generate photo like uh ii image here it's more like abstract image and then you can see all these styles here which are just like this and then you can select image uh yeah this is the the coolest feature about uh dream by one but that you can generate image and then you will be able to create ai artwork biased on that image but anyhow let's just create without it uh and then yeah the the image is being created here recently they just added this dream dream by wombo premium um and then i can just view all benefit i will just go through all benefits after this is being generated one of the benefits is that you can create your image faster and uh yeah and so that's basically here is that the image for nature here i can name my artwork i can yeah i can do that there is a 20 character limit i can publish it uh i can decide to show prompt or not shop prompting artwork i can also buy print in top right they have like as their shop and it will be delivered i can also save and download and export this is fun background or download as original and i can just publish it so that's basically the idea of the app that's how it's it's working and then yep i can regenerate it and if i regenerate again it will be another image so that's something that something around how it is working so let's just explore what you can get if you upgrade to premium so first you will get like a support channel in their discord i would really recommend you to join their discord channel you can it's a really strong and big community but yeah you will get exclusive support then you can get all this access to premium styles there is of course priority queue and then um prompt history which is coming soon not available yet service video not available yet and dark mode not available yet and it's 4.99 per month 19.99 per year pretty cheap as a year price so it doesn't make sense for you to to you know to upgrade for a month if you try to use this app continuously during at least like half a year there is no free trial uh so that's it then there are settings this is like you can see your details uh this app also plans to release much more features and become more like social media so it's already not the first version so they just added these personal profiles i can see all my previous prompts i can see all of that but later they will add features to follow each other profiles i think to go to each other profiles and be like instagram with ai images so that's uh that's really cool and then you can see all these premium themes if you want to upgrade premium styles you need to get the dream by wambo premium then let's just go to their discord and let's just explore how to how it's working uh yeah you can see a lot of people it's very active discussion uh so yeah you can see all the questions uh and then uh yeah you can go here you can see all the announcements so that's basically that there also are challenges which you can join then you can get some perks uh so yeah so that's basically it and yep so yeah you can see all the updates and yep so just go here if you really enjoyed the app really would recommend you to go through this uh dream boy wombo discord chat and yeah also app is available on web so uh you can use it on android via web so that's basically what it is uh thank you for watching uh hope uh it was helpful and yeah give a try to this app for sure it's so much fun and there are so many updates coming

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