Dream by Wombo app - we are experiencing server issues error - what you can do?

so here what you can see this is dream by wumbo ai and this app recently is becoming like super popular just took a screenshot and therefore there are so many bugs glitches and as you can see there they just added this pop-up we are experiencing server issues some requests might not result in a dream art don't worry um our homeboys are on it so this is a known issue so yeah for example failed file to fight user authentication information please try again later so i'm just trying even to open and yeah so as you can see it's not loading and then again so why is that happening yeah probably because this app right now is in the top five apps in on the us app store so yeah it's like it's spiked in charts it literally goes viral on tick tock but then you can't just open it up and you just see these errors um i don't know why it's of course it's happening because like there is an influx of users probably there are millions of new users trying to use this app you can see it's number one even in graphics and design it's this app basically helps you to generate art with ai so you can say some seed phrase like for example trees and then select the category of the art and this app will generate an image for you based on ai also you can input an image like of a tree or anything else and it will generate some similar but different picture based on it uh and you can just create so much high quality artwork uh and this is what's yeah what you can do and this is just like really amazing uh what's what you can create here but uh yeah at the moment there are just so many users trying to use the app therefore it's just literally glitching and for example i can't open it up i don't know actually yes so i think the best advice is just to wait and try again in few minutes or a few hours or wait for an app update because maybe they will optimize their server or something like that uh so the last one was two weeks from ago two weeks ago maybe it will happen faster

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