Dream by Wombo app - WHAT IS IT? FULL OVERVIEW

here is dream by wumbo app which is really amazing app in this video we're gonna go through what exactly this app does what it is and in case you want to try to use it this video will make easier for you to try out this app so yeah it's a free app you don't need to pay for it you just need to go to app store either on iphone or [Music] android device and here is the app dream by wombo developed by wambo studios as you can see it's in the top charts in the graphics and design and on top top apps out there um and what is the main feature basically is one of the most popular ai generators app app this app helps you to generate ai artwork um so yeah you can create beautiful artwork using the power of ai enter from pick an art style and watch wombo dream turn your idea into a part painting in seconds how does it work type in whatever you want to create like space station city sunset anything else and then your creation will be made you can also pick an art style whether you're looking for a brand colorful painting or something dark and more dystopian warm but dream has you carved with an array of selected styles then you can generate your painting and then yeah so you don't need a paint brush pencil any art supplies to make beautiful artwork all you need is an idea pick up take a backseat and let onebody dream be the paintbrush to your artwork who is wombo wombo ai is a canadian artificial intelligence company transforming the ways that entertainment and ai work together our goal is to provide the world-based ai power tools to immerse themselves in entertainment with over 65 million app installs to date we're just getting started and this studio also developed another viral app maybe you heard about it it's just called wombo ai where you can have generated gifs dancing gifts with your with your selfie so anyhow let's just get start with the app here's how it looks like you see all the community artwork you see the air generated images from some other users here in the app that's how it looks like and of course you can try to generate your own artwork this is the whole magic of this app so you just need to enter any prompt there is 80 character limit but let's just try out so i want to generate an image of the cat and then i also can add some other elements uh cat like beach i want to have that then i also want to have like people so let's see how that works because obviously it's ai and that's super super hard to do that you can also generate use all these categories or you can select no style and also in the bottom you can input image to to generate that to make it more clear and then let's just tap to create so here are some times i need to be honest app sometimes crashes at this step some category stakes take literally seconds to generate image other categories take minutes so yeah let's just discover [Music] what it will look like and then [Music] yeah so here you have something like that so you see it's it's actually quite general so somewhere you can see people you can see beach and you can see cat so this is more like a you know kind of very artsy general printing so maybe it's better to choose some category so if you choose no style it's uh not that sometimes yeah so let's just select this more abstract style and then sometimes it's better so maybe you need to try a few images here and there and and maybe also you need to upload your own image to try it out so for example if i select if you select this there is a completely different image so something like that so yeah uh okay so now let's try to generate something more abstract um it actually it works better with more like for example sun spaceship okay let's just do something like this and then in baroque style you can then save your image you can share it you can download your device and you can also set it up as your background on iphone that's what you can do [Music] so here you have sun and spaceship in baroque style you can also name your artwork and then you can do that and then you can just publish it here something like that uh so this is how it can look like and then you just publish it on your wall so let's see uh yeah so there you have i have all my paintings here and other people unfortunately it is not possible that other people can follow um so that's that you have your username you can upload your profile picture you can connect on the discord server and probably ask all the questions there if you have any additional questions that can be helpful then here is your featured styles you can see other profiles but again you can't follow them uh maybe in future you will be able to follow you but you can still share these artworks you can share a link to them so you can try that out here's your communities and jerry's gear icon and your email so that's the idea what you can do uh and again you can generate your artwork so that's the whole magic uh there are a few updates in the recent time in recent weeks where you can now see these images from other people and your profile is more updated and yes so it's becoming more and more like social media so imagine something like instagram but with generated ai images but yet of course the quality of pictures is great but it's great only for general neutral abstract concepts if you enter something completely specific it will be uh quite difficult for this app to yet to generate something like really cool but hey this is ai algorithm and of course it can become better and better and they're working on on their models and it's just will become better in time and there are all these new developments in ai artwork world visual world with delhi too algorithm and all of that so gpt 3 of course it is a waiting list there yet but it's becoming better and better so that's basically what it is um hope it is helpful um that's the app definitely give it a try as you can see i'm using it for free there is no option to upgrade or to buy a paid plan maybe some people would prefer that to remove watermark because if you want to save a picture you need to you still have watermark but you can set it up as background on iphone then there is no dark mode so that's also a bit of downside sometimes this app is a bit glitchy but you can always restart it but yes this is the app definitely a really cool app uh a lot of people are asking like so i can generate this ai images can i sell them can i meet an nft and sell an open c for example and earn money so if you just go to their discord there is faq section especially clarifying these questions so here you have their discord server and you have their faqs uh will i be able to sell your dream artwork as nftc yes you may mean your artwork but must acknowledge wombo as a background source uh so you need to read to us for more details under the use of blockchain on cryptocurrency if you have any ask further inquiries to do with copyright licensing please send copyright at phonbo ai an email and they can assist you further so that's what you can do do you own the art to generate with the app creators have full freedom to use the works in in any way but must attribute to wombo we cannot guarantee the copyright ability of ai generated art you can check out the terms of service under intellectual property so hope this response give you some idea what you can do because i understand as long as you refer that it's generated by womba you can actually use it in your nft collections probably and you can also clarify questions at copyright at onebot.ai so there you have it this is an overview hope you enjoyed this app definitely give a try download it and use it share with your friends and have fun

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