in this video we're gonna go through full and quick overview of dream by one by app in case you haven't heard about it or just heard about it seen a video on tick tock or somewhere else but just really have no clue how this app works and how to use it so just we'll do a quick overview so the idea of the app is really amazing that you can generate ai images ai art you can enter any prompt any keywords choose your art style or even add like input image and then the app this software will generate an image based on your input and i will show in this video how exactly it works and which amazing results you can achieve so basically here you can see amazing high quality artwork created in seconds uh you can create beautiful artwork using the power of ai enter prompt pick an art style watch wambu dream tune turn your idea into a part painting in seconds so yeah how does it work type in whatever you want to create generate your painting and there you have it you can see a number of ratings over 60 000 ratings 4.9 out of the five average rating so that's pretty amazing um and yeah so here is the app uh so after recent update you can create your account and it's starting to look more like instagram uh and then on the homepage you just have your feed you have the suggested artwork from wombo community so if someone created some some interesting ai artwork it will be suggested here you can share it you can download it to your device you can set it as your iphone background and then yeah there is also community artwork here uh but yeah let's just go through the main feature which you can access by tapping plus in the bottom and then here i want to generate some image i have some suggestions pink sunset alien flower erupt so something around it but i will show you how to generate this image so i can select image and i can add an image from my camera roll so this is an image from a lamp i just took recently and then i can just tap next and i want to generate an artwork based on that image this is optional you can just create an artwork just from from your keyword but with image sometimes it looks really amazing and it's much more precise because this app i'm must to be honest it's not that perfect yet it's a it's amazing start but usually if you just enter something walk like sea forest uh like sun it will do the good work but if you enter something like you know uh something more specific uh you know like uh like three cats running after a dog or something or you know that it won't be that precise it will just generate some like very generalistic image more like abstract image so in this case you need to add some input image and then it works really well so here are like different types of influence minor influence your input image has little effect on the final work default influence your input image has some effect major influence your input image has a large effect on the final artwork so that's uh what you can try so in my experience major influence works the best because then the final image is really close but it's still different and then the third thing you need to do you need to choose an art style so you have all these different art styles psychedelic ghibli sims 5 steampunk vibrant fantasy art hd dark fantasy baroque etching and then you can just select no style okay so let's just select this one and tap create it is required to enter prompt and it is required to select at least some style or no style and it is optional to add an image but but as i said if you add an image i've experienced the quality of the final a art much better so let's see and then now i can see that there is a are generated and it's coming to an end let's see if it is finishes and there you have it so now i've just generated this image which is really fantastic right so you can see this style and yeah now you can actually you can actually use it so if you want to hide prompt in artwork like this is your search tag you can hide it you can name your artwork as well and then yeah then you can just publish it to your feed so this is how it can start looking and it will just basically appear on your feed and of course you can also save it to your device so this is basically how it looks like and these are some examples from my previous prompts and styles so you can get the idea so for example i added trees and forest i cut i added sun and spaceship so here as you can see it's much less recognizable it's not that high like it's very uh yeah not detailed here i added the image of motel and it's much more detailed so as you can see if you add an image it's actually much higher quality but then if i also write something erupting volcano it also works fine or just castle so yeah so it's good it but if i just then enter hacker as you can see here it doesn't really work that well it just shows some abstraction and people can't really recognize how how that yeah what this image is about um so yeah uh it i think overall it works really well with some like abstract uh things like sea sky and all of that then you can just download as original download as fun background or delete um and then you can use it a lot of people are asking what about copyright rights in this app like is it yeah like can you down for example means an nft from it and just sell it or sell it rforg so i joined their discord and there are some faqs like things which you should know and basically it says that yeah as long as you mention wombo app it should be good to go and you can i think you can sell it um but you need to mention that it was generated with wombo ai app or like dream by womba app and then here they add in a lot of these new features so you have your username email you can you can add some feedback to the app you can connect with app on twitter discord instagram it's very helpful because on discord and twitter you can see status updates and if there is something going wrong and for example yesterday the app was completely down and unusable because like hundreds of thousands of people were just discovering it like millions of new users so servers couldn't cope with that and the app was really down and you could see the updates when the app is backed on their discord so that is helpful and then i have my profile i can change profile picture but and then i just have the community and then yeah i can just see some cool amazing images from other people here unfortunately i can't really i don't know if i go can go to someone profile i can't and i can't like comment or like message send the amps i can't do that unfortunately and i can't follow i can just share and save this image but this is not like a social media yet maybe it will be the next step maybe it will be the next release where it becomes kind of like instagram or twitter but it's it's not there at this moment so that's what it is yeah you can see some amazing images uh it's all generated again by ai by algorithm there is no like human or input there are select psychedelic images and all of that but again in my experience if you add an input image the quality goes really really high and you can really generate some amazing pictures and for example if you have an idea you want to generate like few images through random copies from your own image you can use this app you can try to use this app to generate nfts or something like that as well but anyhow let's just also enter discord to see how vibrant this community is so yes here is their discord you can see server stats you can see 63 000 users there are rules there are like generals there is just some overviews then there are announcements you can see that the app was down now it's up you can see that the app was like in the number one apps you can see the number of users that was in this app 137 000 users in last 30 minutes crazy and yeah yesterday it was experienced some issues and it wasn't working one of the most common issues i want to share with you so this is the error fail to generate art please try again so this is a common error which sometimes you can get when you try to generate art especially with input image especially if you add some complicated prompts and select specific art styles then um then i don't know either ai model text like so much resources or something is happening and your you can't create image you can't finish creating the image so what helps in this situation is just you obviously tap retry usually it works in the secondary try you can tap or try again maybe it work on the third time if it doesn't work at all you can just restart the app or you can just try a bit slightly different prompt or instead of two pro two words try one word or just use the same prompt but try different art style because i noticed that uh for example if you want to generate an image and you select like psychedelic or some like i like hdd styles or something like that it takes a lot of time but if you select other ones or you know sometimes it takes less time so it's always the combination of art style and prompt which can take really a big amount of either server or like data or i don't know and that is just stocks and it doesn't work so just try a bit of combination or just remove style whatsoever so maybe it can speed up and you can avoid that error and then lastly let's just go through some faqs in in their discord in case you have some questions so do you own the art creators have full freedom to use their works you cannot guarantee the copyrightability of a generated art you can select time or service can i can you able to sell sell dream artworks nfts yes you might mean but a knowledge as wobble as background you can always reach out to copyright at wumbo ai to download a borderless dream you can just download it as phone background you can also purchase that like yeah so you can tap buy print and then just purchase that uh you can select different aspect ratios higher yes but not now uh uh so so you can select landscape or portrait at this moment maybe it's coming among future updates so yeah there was some issue when wombo was gone is there a pc app no there is no pc app at this moment so that's basically it so yeah that's that's the overview of faq use and that's the app [Music] hope it answered some of your questions about using it and having the overview again we can just try to generate another image this time without a image input so let's just see how it works it it sometimes it can really be stuck here on creatine phase it can take like hours no no sorry not hours like few minutes actually and then you will see the error uh so yeah so let's just see what happens so so finally it's working so yep there you have it and it's generated again uh alien flower and then if you want to buy print you will just be redirected uh to to some store so for some reason okay i can't buy it right now but yep there you have it that's the overview i hope it was helpful please put a like so more people can see this video okay so finally it's loaded sorry so you can just go to shop dot wombo dot art custom wombo dream print 45 usd and it's using shopify so you can select print style you can select size you can select quantity you can select country region and then just pay so it's delivered all over the world not only north america usa canada so yep there you have it uh hope this is helpful and yeah just like this video and subscribe and see in the next videos

DALL-E Mini: what is it and how can...
DALL-E Mini: what is it and how can you use it?
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