DREAM BY WOMBO app - what you should know?

so what you should know about dream uh by wombo app i just logged in and verified in their discord server so just there are a bunch of popular questions so i just decided to make a video out of it so is there a pc app is there some desktop app currently the dream by wombo doesn't have a pc app nor the ability to make videos through the website we understand that this is something that will be really useful we are currently focused on the functionality of phone applications and making it a bit better for our users before we put out a web app or pc app uh yeah so there you have it do you own the art i generate with the app creators have full freedom to use their works in any way but must attribute to wombo we cannot guarantee the copyrightability of ai generated app can i be able to sell my dream artwork as nfts yes you may mean to artwork but must acknowledge wombo as a background source uh so you can always reach out to copyright at wampo ai uh can you download a borderless dream uh when pressing the download byte you can just set it as iphone background and then you will have dream without some borders but i still think there will be there will be a watermark i'm not sure can you purchase it yeah you can buy print tap by print button after you generated your artwork prices range from 20 to 150 dollars depending on the quality size type of print one there will be different aspect ratios high resolutions additional styles so the improvements are coming to the app there is not a specific road plan or something like that like that uh so there were also some issues that the app was removed but it's now reinstated into the app so yeah that's basically what it is hope this is helpful

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