Dream by Wombo - bugs overview, most common glitches - what to do?

so here is dream by womba app and i will just go through the overview of most common bugs and what you can try to do to to solve them because i was using this app for a while and just like few days ago it started to be completely unusable because like hundreds of thousands of users jump into the app as it's like number one in charts um so yeah let's dive in so one of the most common bugs if you try to generate an image you can't finish it so it's either like shows you creating and then yeah it can be stuck here or then it just says an error that it can't generate an image so for example i'll just show you how that error looks like so this is an error failed to generate art please try again in my experience oh there you have it perfect so just tap retry again and usually it should solve the issue in a lot of cases then if it doesn't solve try again um then you can also restart the app so just double tap and swipe app to the top this this way you will quit the app and restart it without need to delete the app if all of this doesn't work uh and of course make sure that your wi-fi 3g 4g connection is working well if all of it doesn't work try different prompt a bit different prompt and a bit different art style because some art styles are like super heavy for this ai model and then they just take much more time than other art styles but in my case as you can see it's almost there so what i just did i just tap retry and it should fix the issue uh so let's see if it actually so yeah it just also takes some time i do know this the time creating depends on your phone model or wi-fi so yeah this is basically it's done so great uh another problem i had i just did like a screenshot as well so when you want to buy print or just share it sometimes it just says file to face dream art product link then also just restart the app try again tap retry also that fixes it uh but also there were like quite a few issues okay i'll just show again where i would see this image like that uh we are experienced server issues some requests may not result in dream art don't worry our own boys are on it so basically there was a huge spike of users and their servers couldn't deal with it so then i just went to discord and find out that basically this was a server issue it should be fixed now so restart your app and you yeah you can go to announcements especially if you've seen the dream by wamba app is down or it's not usable you can just go there and see the status update so as the reason is today it says that that the dream is somewhat functional again you should be able to create artworks home feed is still out of order but we are working to restore it sap so you can see that uh you can now restore you that should be functional now there were like server issues tied to the fact that app was like number one uh yep so as you can see this is this is an overview um and yeah i don't know if server issues are fixed for everyone in all locations but if you see that there is nothing which can be done just try to use app like hour later or few like a bit later because yeah i don't know and also we probably just need to wait until there is like a stable update of the app where all the server issues are fixed but you can see the amount of traffic this app experience it like 130 almost 8 000 users in the same time in the app so that's a lot and if the server infrastructure wasn't prepared probably that that was the issue if you have some other additional bugs and errors you can always reach out to their discord so you can just go here explore some channels and try to reach our support here also you can uh yeah so you can do that uh you can leave a review in the app store usually if you leave a review some developers will see it and sometimes even they can reply um so yeah that's basically what it is uh these are some bugs um if you have any other suggestions how to avoid some bugs and glitches in this app just leave in the comments and like this video so more people can see it and solve their issues

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