Dream by Wombo - CONSTANT ERROR MESSAGES - what you can do?

so i'm just opening dream by wumbo app app store and i can see the like a lot of reviews recently there are just like constant error messages after trying out this app for a while it seemed amazing after around 20 minutes after i get in constant error messages tried creating an account i could even use that because going into it was just error messages i have not this was very capable and that is amazing but yeah there you have it uh and people complain after a new update so basically i think uh now a lot of issues are solved so just like two days ago or yesterday when this video was posted the app hit number one in top charts in us app store and yeah it has like some millions of users trying it out and probably servers just couldn't handle that so it the app was just really unusable but now seems the issue is fixed and try again try to delete the app try to [Music] open it up again and it should solve a lot of your issues so something around that um yeah something like that uh also if you really can't create an image as i have found in my experience try different prompt try different art style try to have a bit different input image and then you can finally generate your final ai image so that's what i can suggest

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