Dream by Wombo Error - Failed to fetch art styles - what you can do?

so when i'm trying to create an artwork in a dream by wumbo app i see this error failed to fetch art styles please try again uh i must say that dream by one boy it's quite heavy app and probably you need a newer device and you need a like strong wi-fi connection but what helped me so i just double tap and i try to reload the app so i just swipe up the app on iphone and then just open it again and after that the the issue sometimes is solved and i'm able to generate the artwork it's a bit of pity that i lose my previous progress and i need to re-enter prompts again and even after that i need to restart the app again but yeah and also i noticed that for some categories like the image is generated faster and for other categories is just taking these all errors and it takes two minutes or something to generate an image i have older iphone 7 so maybe that's the reason but anyhow so yeah again just do things restart do these two things to solve this issue restart your app and try to use different categories so instead of like for example like blacklight you can use rosgold or just use no style or try something else of course you can also restart your phone completely so that's that but yeah usually sometimes this just takes like you know up to one minute or even more of this creating but yeah because it's just ai algorithm so obviously i don't know all the details why it's happening but that's that so let's just check out like if if i want to get an error this time so let's wait and see sometimes you get an error right away sometimes you can really wait like one minute and then get this error right in the end so this can be pretty annoying actually but anyways this is how it works at this moment so it still takes time as you can see so yeah it's taking some time but yeah as you can see it's just sometimes overloaded so in this case i would suggest to go back and select different category but then yeah depending maybe if you just generated too many images already it's uh it will be slower i don't know if there is an option to upgrade the app and to make it faster i don't think it's possible to upgrade um so yeah anyways i won't take your time so sometimes it just stays like that

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