so let's try to generate an image in dream by a wombo app um so basically yeah just tap plus and i can select a style i can select uh some prompt and then i can also add an image but let's just try to select and see if it's possible to do without bugs and glitches and all of that uh let's just see so it's just takes a lot of time while it shows this creating option um so let's just explore so i'm still waiting and usually if it shows that much of creating image then it's just shows this like error fail to generate art please try again so i can tap retry to do that and then again i will just wait usually i don't know if if it will actually solve the issue in fact uh usually so let's just say again uh usually it this like this error will just continue or maybe not so for me as you can see if i just tap retry i can see at least some observations and let's see if it completely finishes what else i would suggest to to fix this problem is try different categories like different designer style and try to a bit change your prompt so finally this works now so as you can see i solved this error just by tapping again and waiting a bit but like as i noticed in my experience like some styles for some prompts are more like intensive for these algorithms and therefore they take more time so if you're entering like you know like three prompts or like three different words and selecting some style like psychedelic or something it just will fail all the time so just try another style or less prompts or just something like that and maybe that that task will be easier for algorithm or easier for ai model so just keep trying it's it's nothing to do with the speed of your wi-fi or how old your phone is or maybe it's faster on your phones but yeah i don't know how exactly that works but just in my experience uh either retry a few times with your original prompt or try different prompt and a different style also because there was like a spike of users this app was really inaccessible and usable for a few hours and you can just try to use this app like later after a few hours or try to use this app outside of like working hours in united states so yeah if you're you know so just google you ask eastern time and usually these apps are like spiking in us during 1 p.m to 7 p.m eastern time so outside of this time slots for example if it's morning in us or like evening in us you can try to do that and maybe on workdays there is a lesser lot on on these top apps again because this app was like number one in overall app store so it has prob uh i've seen in that discord it has like hundreds thousands of users on the same time on their app so servers were not working correctly so yeah that's just my observations if you have some other suggestions just leave them in the comments below

Adobe Illustrator - How To Fix “N...
Adobe Illustrator - How To Fix “Not Enough Memory” Error
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