DREAM by WOMBO - failed to fetch user authentication error - what you can do

when i try to open dream by bomba app it has this notification error file to fight user authentication information please try again so recently this is one of the most common bugs in the app so i just tap retry and yeah this is and then failed to fetch again so i can't do anything i try to restart the app it doesn't open um like the issue is that there is like so many new users i think there are hundreds of thousands of millions of users trying to access dream dream app and that's that one of the issues which yeah basically um so yeah this is this is the the issue maybe try uh try in the next few hours or try maybe not in the top hours in your ass like for example them for so i think the majority of users coming to this app are from us so if you are trying to use this app from like 1 p.m to like 7 8 p.m eastern time or just during day time in us you yeah you'll just see a lot of arrows and glitches uh but if you try to do like for example during night in your ass or you're in europe maybe if you're in europe try to use this app in in the morning time in europe when people are sleeping in us or yeah that can help because there are much less users in these time slots and maybe that will solve the server issue

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