in this video we will go through how to create high quality ai generated artworks using your original image so here is an app which is called dream by wumbo uh it's a viral app right now and you can with the power of this app you can create beautiful artwork using the power of ai enter prompt pick an art style and watch fumble dream turn your idea into ai part painting in seconds so how does it work you just type whatever you want to create you can pick a style and generate your painting but in this video i will show you how to do it not just we are entering like a prompt but by using uh but by using your original input image so here you can just tap on the bottom in the plus icon and then then you can just select image so there are different types of images so you can just give access to your camera roll and then um i can just do something like this and this is like the picture of some park you can turn it around you can crop the photo [Music] so you can try that and then here there is interesting uh setting so you can adjust influence of that of that image and the image you select will be used as reference to for the final output so it means the final output will always be different from this image and you can generate like dozens of images like that so basically if it's a weak influence it means there is build will be minor influence from your input image on the final artwork if it's normal influence your input image has some effect on the final artwork and then major influence your input image has a large effect so here is just the way to select that usually for me the better worse works the mind your influence uh this is where you can see a lot of uh yeah actually high quality image will be created with ai because in this app one downside is is that a ai algorithm is still not that perfect and if you enter some like you know some precise term it will just generate some very vague very generalistic kind of image um and that's yeah that won't be like of the highest quality but anyhow here is i just want an image of the park there are all these art uh styles baroque salvador delhi etching so for example we can select this one you can also just select no style here as well so and then let's just tap create so then by creating um let's see what will happen so you can see in real time how your ai image is being generated it takes some time sometime it this process can be a bit glitchy but anyhow this this is how you have it and now i have completely new ai generated image and you can see the quality which is like amazing and i can generate again actually so let's see again and then it should generate a bit different image it'll be different colors but still because my input image should have high influence it still will be quite similar to the original photo and there you have it now it's a bit different then you can if you decide you can show your original prompt in artwork you can name your artwork and then you can just tap publish which will publish your image to your feed so there you have it so that's now my image uh yeah it looks like some painting from some impressionist in the early 20th century something like that so it's pretty cool and then you can just share it you can you know set it as your phone background download this original or delete so that's the whole process and as you can see i didn't upgrade i didn't paid for any membership so i did it completely free so use this opportunity until this app is free for now maybe i will introduce some like pay gate so you won't be available to generate a lot of images or maybe like if you're a free user you will need to wait like one minute so until this app is open have a have a play with it um so that's that uh hope this overview was helpful thank you for watching

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