heroes dream by wumbo app and you can generate these amazing images with with this app um so but um sometimes people just want an ai image without any particular style so let's see how that could work so i select this image of the lamp and then i can select no style so all these styles are really interesting like since five psychedelic ghibli steampunk fantasy art hd psychic uh etching and all of that but yeah like they're very like sometimes are too intense or there is no style which you're looking for so you can select no style then you can need to enter prompt and then let's see how it would look without a style so i also as you have seen i just added an input image okay there are some bugs so no style and it means that basically it will create something like this so yeah you can see still there is kind of like this impressionist style but but it's more cleaner kind of and uh yeah instead of like for example psychedelic style or some more intense colors this is looks just more like aquarium painting and it's actually pretty cool so yeah this is this is what you have hope it is helpful

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