so here is dream by wumbo app and like one of the popular questions is like how to use multiple prompts multiple keywords in one uh image as you can see here and an example this is probably the way to do it so someone wants to create a picture about campfire forest snow fairy lights ultra realistic hd snowing so that's what you can do like uh here uh you can see people uh just add one prompt um but yeah like to add multiple prompts i don't know if it works or not uh so i can just add like for example sun and then i just add this i don't actually know if this is really helping the algorithm or is just better for the for the viewer to understand that you entered multiple uh multiple prompts because maybe algorithm understands itself that there are different words and different aspects but of course there can be like different phrases and maybe indeed you're helping the you know the ai model to differentiate that these are like different words disconnected uh so what else can we add here so that's that's what we can try to do so as you can see this is sun beach palms and mojito so you can see sun in top left beach in the bottom part palms and mojito so that's basically an overview like mojito is a bit similar to palms but yeah it's pretty cool and then you can try to generate again let's see if the the problems will be preserved so again you can see now another version i honestly like previous batter so again let's try it out also if you didn't know in this app you can add an input image and sometimes like you can add image with one context and add search prompts with completely different context and that also can generate some interesting interesting results so honey anyhow this is how i would do it hope this is helpful

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