Dream by Wombo - MINT NFT from the image - COMING SOON!

so here is dream by vombo app but i'm using it on the on in the browser app.wombo.art and yep it's available on the web browser in case you have some glitches on your mobile app always try to use web app so here for example i can generate the image and then let's just select this and i want to show you a feature which which is planned to be added soon a lot of users are asking about it it's just basically if you generate the image can you actually also mint it as nft so here if you use the web browser version there is a button on the left it says mint as nft oops and then actually yeah you you can try to do that but seems it's not uh yeah it's not coming soon it's uh yeah it's just uh should this option should be there at some moment but yeah probably i don't know when is coming but that's definitely an interesting concept um yeah because a lot of people are asking yeah cool you can generate all these images like can i then just sell them on openc and you know just meet them so that's basically that and and also there is also like a copyright question um and if you go to dream by wombo discord you can read that actually yeah you can create these images and sell them as your openc collection but the thing is and you just need to refer to wombo app that you created then with the help of wombo app and i don't know if you can remove watermark at this moment but yeah that's pretty cool um and you can also go to their discord and ask developers for the feedback hope this is helpful thank you for watching

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