Dream by Wombo Premium - how to save as video?

here is dreambox app if you tap on dream premium in top right here is a cool feature which is coming soon maybe it's already released but yeah you can save as video so that's amazing feature i don't know which format is that will it be like a short video will it be like a gif or how would you able to save it uh maybe you can save it and of course it would be nice to be able to share it on tik tok or snapchat and all of that so basically if i uh yeah if i select if i generate some image and i just want to try it so i don't know which video will be that maybe just the video of generating but here you already can take a screenshot so that's not that relevant but i don't know like that i would i'm just eager to see that what exactly that that entails so yeah this feature should be coming soon might be it's already there when you're watching this video so yep it's 4.99 per month on 19.99 per year it's a bit hidden so you're like if you go to dream premium you don't see it but you need to scroll down a bit i was just a bit misguided so yeah and then dark mode is coming soon and then already released also is premium you get access to discord support premium style and priority queue

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