i'm just going here through the dream bomb discord channel this app is viral it has so many hundreds of thousands of users and yeah they had released new dream premium plan which is a paid plan on dream by mobile app so go and try it out there are already access to premium styles to their dream supporter discord channel priority processing but like prompt history is a feature will be will be coming soon and this is how it will looks like so that's this is what you will be able to see recent prompts you'll be able to see what you recently typed in in the dream by mumbai app and what were your recent queries so that's basically how it looks like uh so it's interesting that's just a preview for you in case you are curious and if you go to the dream by vombo app and then uh premium is in the top right and here it is so prompt history if you upgrade you it will be here it's not available yet but that's just a preview for you

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