DREAM by WOMBO SUPER SLOW - what you can do?

Here is a DREAM by WOMBO app. For some people, it has a lot of bugs, and as you can see in the reviews, it's either sometimes it is slow, or it doesn't let some users to create any photos. It can get stuck on the last screen. Nothing works. Only lets to do it once, and then you can't apply with any more pictures. Deleting again, doesn't work.

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The first suggestions, there is just a new update released just literally one day ago from when this video is published around that time, so just go and update that. With all new apps, just if there are like a lot of bugs, just make sure to updated it first, because there are millions of users for this app, because you see it's number one in charts. Probably they were just not ready. Just get the update and then that probably could help you out.

Also try to use this app, not until they fix the issues, though. Try to use it like either early in the morning or late at night for US time, or if you're around the world outside of US time. When people in US are sleeping, for example, you can try this app because majority of users are from North America, and if there are millions of users, probably servers are too overloaded.

I don't know if this suggestion would actually work, but try it out. In my experience, maybe it's just weird correlation, but if you use it sometimes on weekends, when this app literally was growing up in charts, this app was really unusable and it was just crashing every time. But if you start to use it in the morning European time, or just a bit later in the evening or some other work days, then this app has less pressure and it's more usable.

You can also try that. It's not connected to your Wi-Fi. It's not connected to your phone model. I'm not sure. I have iPhone 7 old model and sometimes I tried it to work on 4G and stuff like that, so it worked still pretty well. It's not that it's just there are some server issues and I don't know the timeline when that will be fixed.

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