Dream by Wombo UPDATE v.1.75.3 - is it working now?

so here's dream by womba app and just recently it was updated so two days ago so in this update you just can see that there are some minor bug fixes and performance improvements i would actually really recommend you to update the app because because it was quite laggy and buggy for me last few days because you know this app is a number one in a lot of charts um so um yeah but now it's it seems working much better and then like the major update uh was um like around three weeks ago from when this video is published so you can there is like this recommendation community page and then you can basically your profile page uh is is improved and the app is becoming more like social media so that was these are like two major updates during last three weeks and just because of that update where it kind of became a bit more social app it's just really i think wanting the top charts maybe someone featured this app on tick tock or something like that so yeah this is basically the idea um and this is the app so yeah hope definitely try it out definitely open the app and try out the styles the different images it's very amazing app you can see all the community artwork you can generate your images and also you can just join their discord so there you can see all the discussions and uh yep you can see also the announcements so yeah hope this is helpful

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