DREAM by WOMBO - “We are experiencing extremely high traffic” error - what you can do

your dream by wumbo app and um yep so here we have blown away by the law we are experiencing extremely high traffic right now so this is the error you can see right now it's just like a yellow box and let's see if if it's actually working so if i just enter some prompt and i can just select art style i can also upload image and then i can just tap create so like two days ago this app was completely unusable for me after that right in there discorded the the majority of the bugs were fixed and now seems seems it's kind of working again so there there should be no more major issues at least for me if it doesn't work i just type for a try and it does work on the second try so that's uh what it is right now yeah so as you can see it kind of works so even there is like a yellow like this error message uh it still works for me and uh yep that's what it is right now um um yeah so it's just like i wanted their discord and they had like screenshots when there was like 137 000 users at the same time on their app because the app right now is top one in the us charts so that's what it is so probably during next few days or few weeks it will be buggy but then it will be less buggy

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