so here is dream by wumbo app but you can access it on the web browser so you can go to wombo dot art and actually this app is available on the web browser either from mobile or from laptop so in case like you know your app is glitchy and buggy so for example your android app is not working or there are some glitches on iphone you can always just try as a backup version to go to wampo dot art tap on menu in top right and tap start creating so here you can just enter prompt so you can try to do that and then you can select art style but there is no input image option here so that's the one difference like there is no input option um you can't like generate art based in your input images you have that in the in the mobile app um so yeah you can definitely try to use app.wombo.rt generator for example if you're on android and um yeah like uh it can be really buggy on android and there are no fixes yet so you can always just do that here on the yeah on the platform and then you can just create account you can publish it you can copy link and then there is a button to mint as nft and it says coming soon so it should be coming soon and then you can actually mean that that can be super interesting experience to yeah to try it out so yeah it's kind of works well on my safari as you can see no box now anything i don't need to create an account or anything uh so it works pretty well if i open like my iphone app this is how it looks like yeah it's a bit bigger like community feed you then you can also have your account everything is kind of smoother in the app you can see all your settings and details you can then just generate your artwork so you can enter prompt and you can input image here in the bottom as you can see then there is like here you can select different styles um so that's basically that but yet definitely if it's glitchy or buggy for you try also the the web version i actually didn't know that they have this version available so it's pretty cool you can use it on laptop if you don't want to use it on mobile but yeah it's not possible you know to upload large images from from the laptop because there is no input image feature here but all the other images you can share prompting artwork if you want you can share it you can publish you can create an account you can share the link so hope this overview was helpful

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