hello everyone so here is viral dream by wumbo app and they just added a new cool update which is called wombo premium so now when your app is updated here in the top right corner you can see this link to dream premium create your craziest dreams and gain access to new ai models special profiles and more so gain a supporting role and access to the premium channel in the in the discord so that's what you can get now if you pay for 4.99 per month and this is just like a first feature which you can get uh because you know the app is developing very quickly and there are new features coming soon such as premium transient cards [Music] special trading cards and then priority queue so priority queue means that basically your uh your image will be generated faster and uh that's like one of the most requested features obviously because you don't want to wait like you know one minute to generate this ai artwork but i don't know exactly what premium trading cards and one special trading cards mean but anyhow this is what you have here you have 4.99 per month or 19.99 per year so obviously if you if you try to pay a monthly for a year it will be like 60 dollars or you can just get very cheap like 19.99 per year um there is no weekly subscription there is no free trial so that's basically it and of course you can access our discord channel for free but you want you won't be having uh uh you won't be having access to this premium channel so here you have this premium verification uh and then uh so you just need to use verify to enter a premium code and unlock your perks so that's basically that and then you can see in announcements and then here you have general channel um so yeah that's basically the idea uh and yep that's the that's the discord and here you will if you upgraded to premium you will need to go premium verification hope this was helpful thank you for watching

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