dreamr app - How to create an account & use the app?

hello heroes dreamer app uh so just tap to get it to install it on iphone via your app store and just touch id or face id and this app is um that yeah it's kind of a social and financial app where you need to declare your dream in a first of its kind social experience so provide context um so like for example here remove plastic from wildlife location and add text and just declare and then you can just find people like-minded people who have similar dreams or who can help you and stuff or and also you have messenger so there are a lot of really inspirational stories here like some people this app saved my life where they were homeless and they just declared dreams they don't want to be homeless and then somehow they just made it through so this guy javier so he stopped being homeless because he just received some financial support and all that this app is not some kind of scam or something so it's not it won't happen to every dream or something but if i think if you create a nice presentation um you can really succeed with it so let's just try to create an account um together to see how it actually works ouch okay one more time now i just need to create my account username um there you have it and now i'm in the app [Music] connect button tap to set connect request with a node filter see the type of dreams view someone profiles and then messenger you can see your profile and then you can just declare your dream and then show your passion let people know how much dream excites you build people want to know what you're doing but they also and why you want to achieve your biggest obstacle take a selfie video tag your dream you can also continue as a guest and basically this is how it looks like so there are different people declaring different dreams you can also there is dream machine tour and then here is your profile but you need to declare a dream to start creating a profile um then click filter you can set up location near you or worldwide dreams fight find a dreamer that's pretty interesting that's a i think really amazing app and then you can go to someone else profile you can connect you can yeah um connect you can block as well see all the profiles about it so yeah that's that's basically the app um that's how it works um yeah that's the idea i will try to create a dream here and then show you more around anyways one of my dreams is to get more subscribers on youtube let's say 50 000 subscribers so go hit that subscribe button right now visit my blog mr hack. thank you so much for watching                                                                                                                                                                                                

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