hey there so i'm just trying to create an account on driver app uh so it's kind of uber alternative in some countries for example in denmark and yeah like if you didn't know like uber is banned in denmark so um therefore there are a bunch of alternative apps which can be useful i never use driver but i see some more and more people trying out this service so maybe you are also in some country or some location where you want to try it out um so let's just so i just needed to enter my phone or like test phone number and then uh yep and then i just need to move the map so then i just got it so um and then i just see the options so for example if i want someone to pick up me here driver arrives here uh driver arrival time now or later pay online pay in car then you can just add bank card you can add driver card you want silent driver with pads and then something like that but then i just want to see like options search like so for example i want to go here and then yeah i will see like all the prices here where you can just travel and then so this is the prices in danish grana so this is around like 20 dollars so not that bad actually then you can also set your future pickup time and then you can just confirm so there is green classic or driver excel um so i have no idea what's the difference between all of that is so here's your profile here you can just add payment method um there are rides there is help you can message to developers if you want to message uh there are different kind of rides service area promo codes so kind of looks similar to uber but like uh it's still more expensive i remember when uber was here in copenhagen some time ago it was actually cheaper but now yeah this is i think it's just a bit cheaper than um than taxi so taxing in copenhagen is like at least i don't know like 30 dollars or something but this is it i see more and more people in this city are using that so again these are the options buy online pay later you can have bicycle one bicycle two bicycles uh if you want the style silent driver then the risk so let's see if for example i i want to have it with a with the bicycle okay so here with the bicycle it will be more expensive i guess um so yeah that's that's about that um hope this is this is helpful um and thank you for uh watching

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