droppymods.com Cash App - another Scam?

i'm just looking here in google for dropping mods.com cash app seems it's a new kind of scam or spam message for for the cash app users it's just because you can check out it on scam detector.com it says the website is suspicious while january used on help it much so it's hard to detect with whether this website is super suspicious at the moment but sims is another cash app scam so if you got a message text message or email with something like dropymods.com cash app will give you free money click this button and you will have had like uh some cash for freebies cash app i i would say 90 percent plus that this is kind of some scam as you will see here there are a lot of this like kind of scammy cash up cash game generators uh all of these majority is just some kind of scam and unfortunately there are a lot of them in a cash app people getting text messages uh people getting email like payment requests people get some like you know text messages hey send us hundred dollars and you will get back five thousand dollars all of that uh usually is just a scam and the cash app also have the dedicated section in their review in their support forum they are like support section that yeah just be aware of this kind of frauds with the cash up because cash app is super popular app and every month or every week there is a new kind of scam or text message which looks super legit especially if you got a text message it's super hard to identify whether it's the real cash app number so if you get like an email from cash app at least so for example this is a legitimate reminder and it comes from a cash at square.com anything else which comes from any other email probably it's just a scam so this also is a scam as well so i wouldn't trust it that much uh but yeah if you have any other insights or if you experienced it any screenshots you can just leave it under comments below you can check out my blog and comment in cash on discussion there mr hectoria but like yeah this is just i'm bringing your attention so just be careful with this kind of scam

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