Dual Messaging for WhatsApp - app overview

here is this app which is called dual messaging for whatsapp so here you can see the description mirror your messages in a second device protect your data with screen lock and all of that so let's just explore this app so i'll just install this on my phone and then let's just see how it works and then i can just open it up and see like what's the process here so then uh to start just contact your code that displayed in our using your messaging amp on your second phone this session will start automatically and there you have it so you can also use whatsapp on the web and then you can just scan and scan this qr code um and then yeah basically you can then just chat using this app secure that every screen lock by pressing uh and then i'll just need to use like a touch id uh so something like that and then yeah you can do all these like customizations you can just add different app icon change appearance and i have more apps uh all of that uh so yeah that's the idea hope it can be helpful and thank you for watching

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