Duo Video Chat app - full overview

here is Duo app video chat plus tax plus calls it's an interesting app which provides you high quality video chat you can call your friends on any device also you can get a second phone number and then you can just have some unlimited calls and use some international calling as well like uh private and save private number so these are the things you can do so just click over you here's how the app looks like but if you want to get a second phone number unfortunately you will need to pay you will need to either upgrade your basic plan for sun 99 or essential plan for 4.99 uh yearly you can save some money one private phone number free to keep two thousand uh free credits per month for 12 months change number any time cancel any time so with this credits you will be able also to call internationally I guess your credits offer so for private calls and texts if you just created an account in the app you have this offer which you can use then you can give access to your contacts and then you can do video chats do phone calls with them phone chats of course yeah you can do it anyway on iPhone like using FaceTime or anything but like if your friends are located abroad or something it can this can be a nice option app to try it out so then you have your account here you have your wallet um you can get a second number you can invite friends you can reach out to support um then from here you can easily delete your account if you delete your account you won't be able to reactivate your country profile photos videos and everything in your account will be permanently deleted so you can have your nickname can have your permissions so here where you give permissions to microphone camera and contacts uh yeah so that's what you can do then have customer support uh if you want to reach out then you can just write some feedback here and then you have your account balance so apart from subscribing for you know this 399 799 per month you can also top up for private calls and texts so you can buy 5 000 credits or 2 500 credits for 4.99 or 9.99 so here what you can use you can also buy 50 000 credits for 99.99 and yeah so that's basically the idea hope that is helpful so interesting app give it a try especially if you're interested in international caller and you have a lot of friends abroad and like of course you can use messenger or Viber or Skype whatever to do that but sometimes people just like to use phone or in specific situations this can be a nice solution

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