Duolingo Halloween melting app icon

Duolingo Halloween Melting App Icon

If you've been on Reddit or watched my videos, you've likely heard about the Melting Duolingo app icon. After much discussion and speculation, it seems that the reason behind this peculiar change is simply Halloween. The app icon was updated about a week ago, but it appears that the timing may have been a bit premature. Now, it's clear that the melting oval is just a festive touch for the upcoming holiday.

It's interesting to note that the Halloween-themed app icon serves as a combination of both the holiday spirit and a clever marketing trick. This move by Duolingo can be seen as a great example of growth hacking. Users are left intrigued and curious about the sudden change, wondering what it signifies. Some may even worry that their accounts are at risk or that there's a bug in the system. As a result, engagement with the app skyrockets, with many users reopening it just to see what's going on.

However, not everyone is thrilled with the melting app icon. Several users on Reddit quickly deleted the app because they found it annoying or excessive. It seems that for some, the Halloween spirit was a bit too much to handle.

One important thing to mention is that changing the app icon in Duolingo is not as simple as it may seem. You either need to upgrade to a premium subscription or complete certain challenges and streaks within the app. Only then will you have the option to switch your app icon to something else. So, if you were hoping to change it to your liking, be aware that it may require a bit of effort.

In summary, the Duolingo Halloween melting app icon seems to have been a creative way for the company to celebrate the holiday and pique users' interest. While some find it off-putting, it undoubtedly generates engagement and sparks curiosity. Whether you love it or hate it, it's certainly a unique addition to the world of language learning apps.

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