EA Account doesn’t have FUT22 club - FIFA22 Companion app

so here's fifa 22 companion app and i just see here looks like your ea account doesn't have a food 22 club before we keep going make sure you're logged in with the right account in order to use the fifa 22 companion apple well you will need to create a food 22 club on your console or pc so yeah this is the message you will get if you just you know sign up with ea account to your fifa 22 companion app but yeah student deal didn't use uh didn't have a club on console or pc with your ai account um so login to fifa 22 on console or pc so you should use the same ei account or you can just relog in the fifa 22 companion app or web apps to start managing your clap on the go so maybe you can just you know just swipe up to your login to like restart the app so something like that uh so yeah uh try that

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