EA FC Companion Mobile App 2024 - when is it out on App Store?

The highly anticipated EA FC Companion Mobile App 2024 release date has been confirmed. According to a recent video transcript, the app is set to debut on Thursday, September 31st. This companion app, designed specifically for FIFA 24, is expected to hit the App Store worldwide.

For those who haven't logged into the EA FC 24 web app, there will be exciting rewards awaiting them upon the first launch of the companion app. These rewards, called FC Founder Status Rewards, have taken the place of the previous Famous Welcome Back Awards. It's worth noting that this change may be a result of EA FC 24 marking the beginning of a new game series.

Amidst the buzz surrounding the app, it's essential to exercise caution. The EA FC Companion Mobile App 2024 is not yet available for download. Any app claiming to be related to FIFA 24 should be approached with skepticism until the official release on Thursday.

As for the existing EA Sports FIFA 23 companion app, it's important to clarify that this is the FUT 23 app, unrelated to the forthcoming FUT 24 app that fans eagerly await.

Stay tuned as we bring you more updates on new releases and developments in the world of technology.

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