Earnin: your money in advance - app overview

here is interesting financial app called earning your money in advance this app has 218k 000 ratings 4.7 out of 5 average rating yeah you can see it's like in the top charts in finance category and it solves the problem of accessing your pay before payday get up to 500 dollars by per paycheck go to work as usual cash out up to 100 when needed tip what you think is fair even zero dollars by earning back when you get paid cash out up to 100 dollars per day earning is a simple way to access your earnings before payday and live life on your terms get up to hundred dollars per day or five hundred dollars per paycheck to car any expense then uh yeah but there are some special terms guys so you need to double check everything it's there are no like free stuff and lying on the ground you know so what it says here here's how it works if you cash out hundred dollars you get hundred add an optional tip to support the community and that's it when payday comes around will deduct 100 you previously cashed out from your direct deposit plus any tips so that's that's their idea so you know sometimes you just need a little extra cash like to pay for goods like to pay for gas and stuff like that and your salaries in a week just there are so many different situations uh okay okay so unfortunately it's only accessible from us so if you're traveling it's not you can't access it so you need to know that um so yeah if you're traveling in europe somewhere something like that it's not possible to access the app yeah so that's the idea uh so hope you got the idea and hope this is helpful

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