so let's explore this app which is called ecosia blend trees with your searches so let's just tap get to to install it and here is the app i think recently it was just like a search engine just like a website but now it is an app because the app lets you browse and search the web use private browsing dark mode and add blocking features the best part because it uses hundred percent of his profit for climate action with at least 80 percent finances tree planting projects around the world just like download search engines because it makes money from search ads but unlike other search engines we use this income to protect the future our planet and because their community is planting millions of trees every month across the world's most threatened by diversity hotspots and then it also focuses on privacy and not just promises we are interested in trees not your data we don't create a personal profile if you don't sell your data one search one kilogram of co2 removed co2 neutral is not enough thanks to our own solar farms we're not just producing enough solar energy but twice as much being 200 renewable means every search for the cause is crowding out dirty energy from electricity grid transparency and all of that so these are some of the features of the app it just only has 3 000 writings you can make a cause as your default search compared to google or you know go but here you go so let's just search for trees you can see some some ads already here from such quite big brands and then you can see like some results here and then you can just grow go there and there you have it so it's basically here looks a bit like a copy of google chrome and then you have images shopping i don't know if it's a completely separate search engine engine business algorithm or or yeah or it's just you know using some apis from adding some technology this number of searches you have performed with a cause on average you need around 45 searches to plant the tree and there you have it you can also give trees gift a tree you can also shop so that's basically it plant trees while you search the web we use the profit we make from our searches to plant trees whereas i need it most get the free browser extension and plant trees with our research so not only on the phone you can just you know excel sorry install some chrome extension and then look like that search as generate income for ecosia because i use this income to plant trees you can see how many 147 million trees planted 1.3 second to planet 3 15 million active users planting trees all around the world like in africa south america asia so super interesting app it's available on android and and on ios and you can see that this motivations is incentive it's very relevant for a lot of users which are saying okay like i instead of google i will just use a cause and plant trees i don't want to send my ads like send ads income to like massive huge humongous corporations i would just rather pay trees in south america or something like that of course google's technology is much more superior and you probably will get just better search results but here is just a much better purpose and you have all the basic features so if you need like you know basic search not some advanced like you know semantic these google algorithms and all of that developed over the last 20 years but you know some basic uh everyday search so maybe try out a quasi as well also this app is focused a lot on privacy you don't store a searches permanently we don't sell your data to advertisers your searches are encrypted don't use external tracking tools you can turn off all your tracking so let's just also go to some of the ratings as you can see average rating is pretty high i love it however i want the app to be able to support higher quality videos add ability to make text bigger not the key i love the idea not the execution but that was like three years ago uh first the results aren't the same the same as if i use safari google chrome so yeah he is using like research student he is using a kozhi app for university research and then there are some errors sometimes the app crashes pictures are not loading sometimes and a lot of people like i really really want to like this app but a bit skeptical so yeah a bit skeptical like how is it possible to to do that uh some people say it's better than google app best search engine definitely worth it so yeah if you're doing some like basic research a lot of users tell that you won't even notice like the difference between google and equalizer or duckduckgo but you know but if you're really like graduation student or you're doing a lot of searching during your work you need like really like high quality results for a lot of different advanced search queries some nuances want to find some really high quality information then of course google will just dominate it but if you just want to search like what's the coffee shop near me like a cozia definitely works and you will plant trees so why you know i use google so maybe you can just do it like for some occasions you can just use a quasi browser and then for other reasons just for more advanced research still use google but anyways people really adore this idea that at least part of the profit should go to the planting trees some the user is skeptical if it's really this company is planting the trees but yeah there you have it uh do you like the idea do you like that please leave your reviews in the comments below

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