EDGE iOS app - how to use the Bing with ChatGPT?

here run so how to use the new Bing with Microsoft Edge web browser so yeah you can just get it on iPhone you can install it and then uh you can just tap in the your profile in top left and sign into your profile and then yeah if you just go to bing.com just go to bing.com you should be presented with this new box try newbie and that's like it being AI and you can just chat on this chat box and yeah you need to be on the white list um otherwise alternatively you can just try out some of the um some of the like new features you can try it out here and this is just an example of what this new AI experience in search can look like so you can just search uh enter some search queries and make sure to enter them like uh you know long tail queries meaning not just like three best places to visit in Spain or something like that but just I'm planning at three for Universe in September what are some places we can go and just like so the experience is kind of you are chatting with your friend in a messenger so that's what you can have here and then you will just we will be presented with this new chat experience just here in the in the search box and uh yeah so that's what you can see here and then there are some references to to some other websites we can can use and then uh yeah people will be able to go to these places to these other apps and websites from from from here and then you can just tap let's chat but then again to have access to that experience uh you need to be accepted already in this new bin chat so sign up for the white list with your Microsoft account and then you can speed up your queue in the white list you can install ping as your default search engine you can install the Bing app using the QR code um and yeah just I don't know how how much time you need to wait I'm not I don't think it will be a long time because Microsoft and Google really compete in with each other on this topic and yeah so that's basically what you have here and hope that's how

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