Emoji for Message - Text Maker - app overview

so here's interesting app which is called emoji for message text maker so let's just tap cat and let's see how this app works so here it is uh yeah you have thousand plus emoticons which you can basically create you know with the text symbols two hundred plus faces two thousand plus symbols um [Music] 50 000 plus characters so yes this app gives you extra keyboards with emojis and symbols and yeah you can see that our 3700 ratings and then yeah let's just open it up and then yeah so here is emoji and then you can just see all of that so if you're like amazed you can just copy that or there are different types of emojis like this and then you can just select you know and then just copy and you know use it in some other places like in uh yeah like whatsapp signal messenger what are you using also you can just install the keyboard so click on settings icon general uh click keyboard and clip at a new keyboard and click the emoji of add new keyboard icon so basically then you can just add a new keyboard which will appear like here and then if you tap and hold you will just have like a emoji keyboard from these symbols so this is kind of a way to stand out in your instagram in your snapchat or tick tock and then just use this really cool emoji icons which are it's just super nice uh and yeah it will just help you out to stand out so yep that's the idea hope that can be helpful and yep so that's the app you can just clear it out or you can just you know add many emojis on this white space and then just uh add a lot of them and then copy them into instagram or something like that hope that can be helpful

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