Emoji Me Sticker Maker - app overview

here is interesting app which is called emoji me sticker maker uh so with this app you can make your own emoji based on your photo as as shown here create many phases and many like variations of your photo text your friends and then just use this emoji to really stand out in chats with your friends on imessage facebook instagram whatsapp messenger and more and this emoji looks like you you can have like two-person designs change the text use these many apps no ads um yep so yeah the purpose of this app is to design animated emojis that look like you your friends and your favorite celebrities every emoji is animated choose from different expressions like happy thumbs up facebook add your own text to emoji and send via a message facebook instagram twitter and so on so let's just open up this app and then yep this is welcome to the app make your face tons of sticker content and then you can upgrade but let's just start with it and then i just need to to add a photo so here i can just add a selfie so something like this so then i can just use the photo and then i can give name to my emoji i can give like a skin color okay as you can see here like let's do this uh hairstyle um uh so there are different styles here so then you can choose main color eyes and that's basically yeah you you basically design it so there is no like ai kind of situation where uh where just some algorithm designs it for you i think my head is more like vertical or i don't know so anyways i just designed this emoji just to show you and then you just have all these stickers instantly and you can have also additional face so you can have multiple faces here then you can just have this sticker you can add text like hey upper text and then i can just i guess i can drag it around or maybe not lower text and then i can just save it and these are my saved stickers so then i can just send sticker and send these emojivs messages and i can just have this messages emoji copy to clipboard passed it into the and then here i can just start using it just by using paste and that's the emoji i just pasted so that's basically the idea how how this can work uh yup so something like that um so that's a cool app to stand out in the in the chat in the chats with your friends um what else then the restore then there is emoji feed or you can just post your emoji like this so i just posted it someone can like it and there is more um yeah here you can just uh reach out to help uh contact our support here um change app icon like some of the tutorials and all of that and i didn't even need to create an account so that's cool uh but hopefully this account will save my data so something like that i hope this overview uh hope this already is helpful for you and thanks for watching

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