Empower app - how to use? App overview

here is interesting app which is called empower up to 250 dollars advanced so this is this app is in the us app store as you can see it's quite high in the charts in finance categories there are 47 000 ratings what it does uh it just provides small affordable credits designed for everyone but with all these apps just to notify you like you should be always quite careful because even if this is these are not like big amounts you can usually get like fifty dollars like 100 or 250 usually there are always some kind of hook because obviously nobody is giving you free money for free so of course this can work well if you know you just your salary is in the week and you need you are in the gas station and you need some quick cash and situations like that and then you just need like 50 bucks or something and then yeah these apps are working nice but you can see here that it says pay no interest but then there are two asterisks so this part you need to read very carefully so when you pay your balance on your next paycheck date otherwise it's 36 percent appreciation rate so it's like 36 percent so it's huge so only use this app if you're quite sure that you use this cash now like hundred dollars and then you can ins like very quickly pay it back so for example if you know for sure that uh your you know your salary is exactly in the you know in a week but you just need some 100 now then just use this app and replace quickly also this app offers some cashback deals up to 10 percent there is access to atms and all of that so let's just open empower app and then here you can just get started and create an account so there is cash advance starting from 25 to 250 eligibility requirements apply empower is a financial technology company not a bank so you can build up two thousand dollars credit line you can also get your paycheck two days early and cashback deals and all of that and then you just need to create an account so what to do you need to connect with your main bank account sign up for empower card and get qualified for cash advance so that's how it works so then you just need to create an account with your phone number and you will create an account and proceed with instructions

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