Empower app - how to use Plaid to create account?

so here's Empower app and it uses play to connect your account so Empower app is kind of like a quick cache app where you can get some you know small cash up to like 250 dollars if you qualify just before you buy check so if for example if you're getting paid like in two weeks or one week and you quickly need like two hundred dollars or fifty dollars you can try to use this app but how it works to create an account you need to enter your phone number email address and all of that but also you need to use blades to connect your bank account so just tap here and then you just need to select any bank it works in in us and then just go through there and log in and then you just need to authenticate um so that's the requirement for Empower app otherwise you won't be able to use it because you need to log in with your my bank account um yep so that's an overview there are a bunch of apps like that similar to empower always use them quite careful and you know check all the details because there are many asterisks as you can see here it says by no interest but if you're uh uh if you fail to pay a balance on your next paycheck date it can be 36 percent APR so that's the idea um yeah hope this is helpful

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