EPIK app Standard option “SOLD OUT Please wait a minute”. How long to wait?

When using the Epic app to create a yearbook, users may come across a frustrating message: "Standard option 'SOLD OUT Please wait a minute'". This raises the question: just how long do we need to wait?

According to a video transcript from a user's experience, the Epic app offers two paid options: standard and express. The standard option costs $4 and the express option costs $6. While the standard option is cheaper, it comes with a waiting time of 24 hours, whereas the express option is available in just two hours, or even sooner.

However, the problem arises when the standard option constantly shows as sold out, making it impossible for users to access it. It seems that no matter how long the user waits, the standard option never becomes available. Frustrated with this issue, the user eventually decided to purchase the express package, questioning whether the availability of the standard option was indeed a glitch or some kind of strategy to push users towards the more expensive option.

If users are eager to use the app immediately, the only viable option seems to be selecting the express package. Waiting for the standard option could potentially take longer than a day, as evidenced by the user's experience. It appears that even after ordering the express option, the standard option remained sold out.

However, for those looking to save a few dollars, there may be a workaround. The user suggests trying to access the app during non-peak times, such as weekdays, early in the morning (US time), or later in the evening. It is possible that the standard option might become available during these off-peak hours.

In conclusion, the Epic app's standard option continually showing as sold out proves to be a source of frustration for users. While the express option offers immediate access, it comes at a higher price. Users who are willing to wait or are looking to save some money may want to experiment with accessing the app during non-peak times. Ultimately, it will be up to the individual to decide whether the wait is worth it or if they should opt for the express option instead.

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